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In the late 1990s Habanos SA decided to introduce a new Habano brand that would not only honour the legendary work of the Robaina family, but also salute the skills of all the community of tobacco farmers on whose labours the reputation of Habanos is built.
<BR>So, in 1997, the Vegas Robaina brand was launched. Don Alejandro is pictured on every box in front his fields. Alongside him is an old wind-up gramophone dating from the 1920s, which can still be seen today, and heard, at the farm.
At the start, the brand was made in Havana at the H.Upmann factory. However in 2003 when H.Upmann moved to a new site, it was decided to transfer production of Vegas Robaina to Pinar del Rio so that it could be nearer to its roots. Since then it has been made at the Francisco Donatien factory in Pinar del Rio City.
The five sizes of Vegas Robaina are classified as having a Medium to Full flavour and all its tobaccos come from the Vuelta Abajo region, so the brand with the nearest equivalent style of blend is Montecristo.
<BR>Nevertheless Vegas Robaina has its own particular characteristics, which include an earthiness with leathery and salty overtones and a hint of cedar. All the sizes offer a long and spicy finish.
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