Siglo De Oro Year of the Rabbit

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Beginning in 2019 with the Romeo y Julieta Maravillas No.8 (Year of the Rat), the Cohiba Siglo de Oro is the fourth release from Habanos s.a. to commemorate a Chinese lunar New Year.

The Siglo de Oro measures 4 1⁄2” (115mm) x 54 ring gauge and is an entirely new size within the Habanos portfolio (Vitola de Galera is Exitosos or “successful” in English). Only 18,888 boxes of 18 cigars have been produced to mark the 2023/24 lunar calendar with each box housing a scannable chip secured to the inner lid allowing for instant authentication and information. Each cigar is dressed with the standard Cohiba band and a foot-band denoting the “Year of the Rabbit”.

Vitola: Exitosos
Ring Gauge: 54
Cigar Length: 115 mm / 4 1/2" inches
Body: Medium to Full