Hunters & Frankau House Reserve Series 1790 Collection Number One

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Released by Hunter & Frankau, the Collection Number One is a limited edition humidor celebrating the UK Regional Editions, and the first of their Series 1790 collection. Only 30 have been made, created by master humidor maker Massimo de Munari and his team at DeART S.r.l as a bespoke display of the seventeen UK Regional Editions dating from the first in 2005, and including the 2017 release. Containing ten cigars of each release, this humidor beautifully displays the one hundred and seventy cigars whilst also storing them in perfect conditions.

The humidor contains 10 cigars of each of the following;

Ramon Allones 2005 Belicosos

Por Larranaga 2007 Magnificos

La Gloria Cubana 2008 Gloriosos

Punch 2008 Serie D'Oro No.1

El Rey del Mundo 2009 Choix de L'Epoque

Juan Lopez 2009 Seleccion Suprema

Por Larranaga 2010 Regalias de Londres

La Flor de Cano 2010 Short Robusto

Bolivar 2011 Britanicas

Punch 2011 Medalla de Oro

Ramon Allones 2012 Petit Belicosos

La Flor de Cano 2013 Gran Cano

Por Larranaga 2014 Sobresalientes

Ramon Allones 2015 H&F Aniversario 225

Bolivar 2015 Belgravia

Juan Lopez 2016 Seleccion Superba

La Gloria Cubana 2017 Britanicas Extra