• San Cristobal De La Habana El Prado

    Released just for La Casa del Habano stores and Habanos Specialists the San Cristobal De La Habana El Prado is now available. This 5" x 50 ring gauge petit piramides, presented in boxes of ten, is a welcome addition to the San Cristobal range. 
  • Punch Short De Punch

    A review of the new Punch Short De Punch, the latest addition to the Habanos Portfolio adding a fifth vitola to the historic Punch brand.
  • Hunters & Frankau House Reserve Series 1790 Collection Number One

    Just released by Hunter & Frankau, the Collection Number One is a limited edition humidor featuring ten cigars of each of the 17 UK Regional Edition cigars from 2005-2017. Proudly displayed in our shop, find out more about this exclusive collector's item.
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