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Por Larrañaga was first registered in Havana in 1834, just 24 years after the very first cigar brands were registered in the country. Today, this gives it the distinction of being the oldest marque still producing handmade cigars in Cuba.

For many years the only standard size of Por Larrañaga available in the United Kingdom was the Petit Corona, in Cabinet Selection bundles of 50 cigars. Happily, there are more options for fans of the brand today. The Montecarlos 6 1⁄4” (159mm) x 33, Picadores (5(127mm) x 48 and Galanes 4 3⁄4” (120mm) x 52 bring the selection of vitolas up to four.

The Larrañaga 47s have not been made in the La Corona factory. A smaller factory, located in the east of the island and named Empresa de Acopio, Beneficio y Torcido de Tabaco Holguín, was selected for the task. It was chosen primarily due to its long-standing association with the Julieta No.2 size and, in particular, the Romeo y Julieta Churchill which is a speciality there. There is no better place to produce these rare cigars.

The Cigar:

In the Encyclopaedia of Post Revolution Havana Cigars, Min Ron Nee identifies “an unmistakeable caramel sweet taste” in Por Larrañaga cigars and adds that they are “subtly aromatic”. His views are shared to some extent by Cigar Aficionado, which tasted “sweet cherry and leather flavours” and a “toasty, almondine finish”. Interestingly the magazine has recorded notably high scores (over 90 out of 100) for all the different Cuban Por Larrañaga sizes it has tested recently.

In Havana the brand is classified Light to Medium and although relatively subtle and easy going, many aficionados agree that Por Larrañaga has exceptional ageing potential. Previous UK Regional Editions from the brand, in particular the 2007 Magnifico, are considered to have born this out.

The Larrañaga 47 is housed in a Semi Boîte Nature box of fifty cigars, the first time a UK Regional has been presented this way. Unlike most Havana boxes of this size, the cigars are layered (three rows of thirteen and one row of eleven) rather than tied into a bundle with ribbon. This is style of box is considered an outstanding way of ageing cigars in the medium and long term. Among those lucky enough to have smoked these cigars there is already a consensus that, although they are ready to smoke today, they will continue to mature and develop for many years to come.

There is only 1,500 numbered boxes have been produced which will be made available exclusively to the UK market.

All Por Larrañaga cigars are handmade using long-filler tobacco leaves harvested from the world famous Pinar del Rio region of Cuba.

Factory Vitola: Julieta No.2
Ring Gauge: 47
Cigar Length: 178 mm / 7 inches
Body: Light to Medium