The H Upmann Propios 2018 Limited Edition is finally here!

The H Upmann Propios 2018 Limited Edition is finally here after a lengthy delay (reportedly due to problems sourcing the boxes for them). Beautifully presented in varnished boxes these are definitely worth the wait. A smaller cigar compared to most of the recent Limited Editions measuring in at a length of 4 3/4 inches and a ring gauge of 46 this medium bodied cigar smokes very well.

The 5th time the H Upmann brand has been included as a Limited Edition release since the concept was launched in 2000 the H Upmann flavour profile is present with some extra depth given by some creamy notes to the smoke. Smoking well now, this cigar is worth trying, but those able to purchase a box to age are likely to be rewarded with an even better smoke in a few years time.


As with all of the Limited Edition cigars, only the finest tobacco leaves grown in the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba are used, with each leaf selected being aged a minimum of two years. Given the delays in release this cigar is already benefiting from an extra year of age.


Available to try in store and online as single sticks and full boxes, treat yourself to this already hard to find cigar here.

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