Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Anejados

The Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Anejados is a slight departure from the previous Anejados formula, as it is the first in the range to come in an existing vitola within the formula of the brand. They are also, according to Habanos S.A. aged for a minimum of ten years, giving slightly more time than the five to eight years of the others in the line.

Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Anejados Packaging

The new packaging is stunning with the classic silver tubes not seen for years, as well as a new protective case around the box, containing the 25 tubed cigars. Importantly, the word 'Revisado' is also stamped on the bottom of the box indicating that the 100% of the boxes have been checked, one by one, to ensure the highest quality.

Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Anejados Tubos

To smoke, the age is noticeable compared to an un-aged equivalent, with the flavours becoming rounder and mellower on the palate. An extra wood taste comes through from the years of rest within the cedar lining of the tube. The age hasn't diminished the strength of flavour though with a long smoke rewarded with a strong finish and peppery spice on the tongue.


Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Anejados Box

Smoking very well now, this is the perfect opportunity to see the depth and complexity that is achievable from an aged Churchill cigar without having to wait another ten years. A beautifully presented and kept edition of one of Cuba's most iconic cigars this is definitely worth treating yourself to. Available in store now to sample with a coffee or to purchase on our site here

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