El Rey Del Mundo 'La Reina'

The long awaited UK Regional Edition cigar is here, and definitely lives up to the anticipation. The El Rey Del Mundo 'La Reina' (meaning the Queen) is a connoisseur's dream in both vitola and craft. A Laguito No. 1 format rolled with a beautiful pigtailed cap, all of these cigars have been rolled by just two Grade 9 rollers selected by Hunters & Frankau, and produced solely in the famed El Laguito factory.


Matching it's quality with rarity, the La Reina comes in presentation boxes of 24, with only 3,500 boxes made in total making this already sought-after cigar even harder to come by. With the Hunters & Frankau team as well as the UK Masters of Havana Cigars involved in the tasting process, and the time taken to bring these to release the La Reina is already a phenomenal smoke.

As you'd expect from this vitola, the La Reina is an elegant and aromatic smoke. The first third was light, but the flavours soon built up into a stronger honeyed finish as the cigar progressed. Expect delicate flavours and subtle aromas that will challenge even a seasoned cigar smoker's palette. This is a truly rare cigar, worth trying now and if you can, be sure to put a box or two down to rest.

Available now, come and enjoy this fantastic cigar while stocks last in our store and online here: Get Yours Now

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